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Präfix am Ende?

I found a sentence in a book that I'm having trouble coming to terms with, grammatically speaking.

"Die Grashalme fühlten sich kühl an unter ihren nackten Schultern."

Shouldn't that prefix be at the end? I want to call "Die Grashalme unter ihren nackten Schultern" a noun phrase and the subject of the sentence. Or maybe phrase it like

"Unter ihren nackten Schultern fühlten sich die Grashalme kühl an."

Anyway, prefix at the end?
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Library Science is what Librarians Do

I have an upcoming discussion for a class with the question:

"Many library schools are changing their names to incorporate the concept of information and are becoming Schools of Information Science or Information Studies. Many, perhaps most, are even dropping the word library from their title. Is this a good or bad thing? Does it matter?"

I have some opinions on that, but I pretty much figure that library science is what librarians do. And I would love to be able to reference the "Motherfuckers" in a class discussion. So what do you do that shouldn't really be called "library"?